Strategies to Incorporate when Flipping Real Estate for a Profit


If you are looking for a great source of income, you should think about flipping real estate for a profit. There are some strategies you will need to incorporate into your business plan if you want to reap the full benefit of this opportunity. The initial step is to clearly define what tasks you can handle yourself and which you will need to delegate to a professional firm like Renex. There are some tasks that only a licensed professional contractor can handle and you need to educate yourself on what those tasks are before you can move ahead.

Getting the Best Possible Real Estate Deals

The first step in attaining success in the real estate flipping niche is to identify properties that can be renovated and sold (flipped) for a quick profit. To get the best possible return on your investment you need to look for properties that are being sold at or below their current fair market value. These motivated sellers want to sell and will take a discounted offer just to get rid of the property. You will need to be fast acting in order to seize these opportunities or run the risk of losing the property to a competing house flipper.

After you have identified a home that could experience a substantial increase in resale value after some renovations you will need to develop your renovation game plan. In this phase you could reach out to professional firms like Renex and get detailed quotes from them on how much they are going to quote you for the licensed work you need performed. While reviewing the quotes, you should express your desire to work exclusively with the firm on an ongoing basis if they could provide you with a discounted rate for their services. Most renovation companies will offer you a discount if you can offer them consistent work but that is dependent on your negotiation skills.

Reducing Costs Associated with Your Real Estate Renovation

One of the biggest items that impacts the total cost of your renovations is the building materials that are being used. You will need to reach out to local building material retailers and inquire whether they can offer you a discounted rate if you buy in bulk. The manager at the local store should be able to offer you a discount but you will need to ask them upfront for the discount.

Along with asking the hardware store manager for a discount, you should find out if they have any materials being sold for liquidation prices? These liquidation sales are a great way for you to save money on your renovation costs provided you are willing to ask.

Aside from saving money on the cost of building materials, you should try to reduce your labor costs by hiring students to perform menial tasks. The students are eager to work and you can pay them a fraction of what you are paying the contractor.


If you follow these suggestions you will have no challenges flipping real estate for a profit so begin looking for properties right now.

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Starting Your Own Karaoke Business


If you are looking for a way to augment your income you might consider starting your own karaoke business. While most people won’t admit it, they secretly dream of becoming a famous singer. Since the majority of us do not have the ability to become famous singers going out for karaoke seems like a good alternative. The whole point of Karaoke is to sing your heart out, whether you are a good singer or not doesn’t matter! Since Karaoke offers universal appeal you should be able to find customers interested in hiring you.

Getting the Right Licenses

The first thing you will need to look into is licensing. You will need a business license to offer these karaoke services but that is just one step in the process. Since you are playing copyrighted songs you will need to get a license from the publishers of the music (depending on where you live you may be able to get blanket licenses that cover multiple music publishers). It would not be smart or legal to operate a karaoke business with the required licensing in place so be sure to get them before doing anything else.

Purchase Lightweight Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying heavy equipment you will need to carry to the venue and back. By investing in lightweight equipment you are going to save a considerable amount of wear and tear on your back.

Building a Base of Customers

When you have the equipment in place the next thing you need to do is begin sourcing for prospective customers. One way to procure new clients is by reaching out to local bars and find out whether they are interested in having a “karaoke night”. You may have to lower your upfront booking fee but can receive a portion of whatever comes through the door. The first few months you just need to establish yourself and eventually you will have a book of regular customers.

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